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Updated by HS - January 2023

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Carried out by a Fully trained professional

Quality branded registered products used such as Azzalure, Juvederm, Restylane and Pluryl

10 years of clinical experience to provide a smoother but natural look for a refreshed appearance.

Prescribed and provided by a registered professional.

Botox starts from £200 for  1 area

An area is: forehead, frown, crows feet (per side)

Additional cost of £80 per area

Underarm botox to reduce sweat from £200 per underarm

Lip augmentation from £285

Chin augmentation from £250

Non surgical rhinoplasty from £300

Jaw definition from £400

Skin boosters to increase collagen production and rejuvenate skin from £240 per syringe

Faccial aesthetics

Using Botulinum toxin

Forehead frown pre treatment

Forehead active pre treatment

Forehead rest pre treatment

Forehead rest post treatment

Forehead active post treatment

Forehead frown post treatment